travel feels

“I hate the headlines and the weather
I’m 19 and I’m on fire
But when we’re dancing I’m alright
It’s just another graceless night”

“If they keep tellin’ me where to go
I’ll blow my brains out to the radio”

“Trying to find these perfect places
What the fuck are perfect places anyway?”
— Lorde, “Perfect Places”

“And now I can’t stop thinking that I can’t stop thinking
That I almost gave you everything
And now the whole thing’s finished and I can’t stop wishing
That I never gave you anything”
— Halsey, “100 Letters”

“You are seeing some of the ugliness in the world. If you want to see the world, there will be some of that. All who wander are likely to see some of this ugliness.”
— Mom

I think I’m in love with a boy who either has no idea or who doesn’t know what to do about it. I think I’m ready to go home, if only to drop off the enormous amount of stuff I’ve bought in the last five weeks. I think I love the people I meet whilst traveling more than the places I see. I think I’ve made at least two long-term friends and I hope we continue to keep in touch through silly group chats and actually visit each other like we’ve promised to. I think traveling is less glamorous than the people back home might guess, but the lessons I’ve learned are invaluable. I think my bank account balance is going to be much lower than I anticipated by the end of summer, and I think it will be worth every penny. I think I’m glad I didn’t hook up with that boy, even though I wanted to. I think I’m incredibly fortunate to have had my phone, cards, and cash returned to me, and I think the Norwegian girl who brought them back is an angel. I think the American girl from St. Louis who paid for my cab that night is the kind of woman I aspire to be, who we should all aspire to be. I think females need to look out for each other, because there are sinister people in this world and us girls, especially solo girls, are all we have. I think traveling alone is the most liberating thing I’ve ever done, and I’m glad my fear of loneliness hasn’t materialized. I think about how lucky I am to be traveling so much, so young, and that I will never see enough of this world. I think I’m living the dream, and I know other people believe I am too. I think traveling is extraordinary, but it feels strangely ordinary at the same time. I think maybe I was made to do this.

To “Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.


Buffalo, NY

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson

In June, I tagged along with my dad and brother on a hockey trip. I’d been to Buffalo once before, but only in the airport and on the drive to and from Ontario. So I figured, why not go? I try to take advantage of every opportunity I have to travel, even to places that don’t sound grand on paper. I ended up falling in love with Buffalo’s military museum and naval yard. Walking through ships that were used during World War II and the Cold War—ships that real people lived and fought and died on—was incredibly cool. The yard contains pieces of living history. It just goes to show that travel can surprise you in the best of ways, even in places you might not expect it.

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