As usual, life has been hectic lately. I most likely won’t have new content going up on Gemrene over the next two weeks (aside from a book review on Tuesday) due to AP exams. I’ve got four in the next week or so and I’ll be studying and freaking out and essentially not making time to post. However, every so often when I feel myself getting caught up in the fast-paced time crunch of everything, I like to sit down and reflect a bit on what’s been occurring in my life – good and bad.

The Good
1. The Lightning won their series in the first round of the playoffs and advanced to the second round to face the Canadiens. Last night they won their first Round 2 game in a double overtime thriller.
2. I did well on my practice exams for AP Calc and AP Psych. Hopefully those results are applicable to my future exam scores!
3. I was inducted into my school’s highest honor society Thursday.
4. I saw part of one of my good friend’s last musical theater performances in Cabaret last Saturday.
5. I have been feeling very thankful for my friends and most of my teachers.
6. I took the U.S. History SAT Subject Test this morning and thought it went pretty well. Fingers crossed!
7. I finished the book for April book club – Franny and Zooey by J. D. Salinger – and attended the meeting. I’ve been surprisingly reflective since reading it.
8. I took the ACT in April and got my scores back. They were solid.
9. I absolutely adore the family I regularly babysit for.
10. There are several great books that have either recently released or that are about to release that I’m highly anticipating reading… when I finally have time.
11. The Rangers and the Blackhawks (my two backup teams) also advanced to the second round of the playoffs.

The Not So Good
1. I didn’t receive a board position on Beta Honor Society or Gold & Black honor society.
2. I’m still waiting to hear about leadership positions for several clubs, namely Social Studies Honor Society.
3. I’m probably going to retake both the SAT and ACT in June because I’m perfectionistic and masochistic. :))
4. On a whim this morning, I decided to take the Literature SAT Subject Test cold (no practice, no prep). This turned out to be a terrible decision.
5. I haven’t been babysitting as often lately, which means less money and less time with my fun second family.
6. My cousin is extreme dieting, has highly distorted body image, and is struggling with mental illness. I feel helpless.
7. I haven’t had or made time for pleasure reading.
8. I have a TON of studying, test prep, and practice tests to do. A TON.
9. I’m nervous for my exams and I’m also sleep-deprived and I’m also an insomniac the night before exams and also I get major test anxiety. Yay for assessments that may or may not decide where I get into college!
10. My current mid-quarter grades in my two honors classes are lower than all my other grades and I’m eager to raise them, but annoyed that they need to be raised in the first place.
11. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the right now’s and the summer to-do’s, but I simultaneously feel like I’m not doing enough to compete with my peers at school and around the world who will be applying to the same schools I am. AGH.

So basically, my life revolves around school, hockey, and a tiny bit of miscellaneousness. I think that after AP exams I may be able to calm down, though maybe not if I am stressing about June standardized tests. I have a post idea I want to write at some point soon while it’s fresh: a post about passion. Anyway, good luck to future me in my exams and good luck to any of you who are taking them these next two weeks! Bonne chance.

Thanks for reading my rambles.
xx. Martha