Thoughts on a New School Year

Alright, let’s get this straight. I am not happy to go back to school. It’s something I dread, then simply resign myself to, every August. I like to think that the sooner I go back to school, the sooner I’ll be done. I brace for it, it happens, and soon enough summer is nothing but a distant memory. Yesterday was my school’s open house, and while I didn’t go into it expecting much- meeting my teachers, seeing who I had classes with, collecting supplies lists- I came away from the experience with a different perspective on the new school year.

I find myself less ambivalent and possibly looking forward to this year. Yes, I still wish summer break was about five weeks longer, but considering that I have no say in the matter, I find that I have a more positive outlook on what this school year might bring. For the first time, I got to choose every single class I’m taking. I met all of my teachers and I like them all; they seem really cool and passionate about what they teach. An absurdity I noticed as I ran through my schedule is that all my teachers are male. I’ve never even had a majority of male teachers, so this alone makes for a new experience.

I realize that when school actually begins, a lot of work (and stress) comes with it. But hearing about the subjects I’m going to study, I feel excited just to be learning. For now, I am able to ignore the fact that the curriculums are designed to meet standards and prepare me for exams, and that good grades require hard work. For now, I am simply looking forward to absorbing new information and becoming a more knowledgeable person. Will this feeling wear off once the reality of school sets in and I become overwhelmed with coursework and grades?

I hope not. I am going to try to maintain an optimistic view of life this year, and that starts with school. I will work hard and do my best, but also try not to get bogged down with the insane amount of work that is high school. I am going to try.