the happy list: Irma edition

As I was titling this post, I glanced back at past happy lists and realized something crazy: I haven’t written one since May 2016. That’s nearly a year and a half ago. I’ve certainly made mental happy lists since then, and have written at least one in my journal, but it baffles me a bit that that much time has gone by. In May 2016 I was a senior in high school, about to graduate. Now, I’m a sophomore in college who, to be entirely too dramatic, has just survived two consecutive bouts of strep throat and a record-breaking hurricane. (Okay, that was even more dramatic than I intended.) Anyway, speaking of said hurricane, here’s my happy list, in spite of (or perhaps because of), Hurricane Irma (and the last couple of weeks).

happy list

pub subs
Friends marathons
not feeling dead
no leaks or property damage
all the well wishes
drinking water out of my Camelbak
being stocked up on Carmex
brie cheese
leftover pasta
staying in bed
no expectations or responsibilities for six days
six continents full of friends
Joey’s smile
Chandler’s snark
Phoebe’s everything
musk scented candles
travel plans
having more money than I thought
that clean feeling after a warm shower
Ross Creations’ hurricane prep skit
my G, for tucking me in
Matt and Justin, for the 8 Advil
Sarah, for gracefully coping with my sick self
mom & dad, for checking on me this weekend
dried flowers
denim hats
staying in touch
learning to let go
memory foam
dream catchers
group chats
tumblr inspiration
coloring books
the time to rest and recover
days off
meeting new people
learning to live with my mistakes
realizing that I don’t need to chase people
and that it’s okay to have fuck-ups and feelings
the film I watched last week for class
speaking Spanish in my head
the way my books look all lined up along the windowsill
hopefully losing weight
the traces of the world in my room
and in me.