I aim to review more of the books I read, and below are some of my policies on books and reviews.

My reviews are 100% honest, no matter what! I will share my opinions about a book, good or bad, when I write a review.

Rating Scale
I rate on a 5-star scale, and will gladly post my reviews on other sites, such as Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. if requested (I try to do this anyway, but sometimes I forget).

Review Copies
I am accepting review copies! Please feel free to ask me to review ARCs, finished copies, or be a beta reader for a manuscript. My contact information is here.

Book Format
I prefer to read physical copies of books. I am delving into the world of audiobooks and enjoying it thus far, so I will gladly review audiobooks, as well. Ebooks give me headaches; however, that does not mean I will not accept an ebook copy for review. Ebooks will be given less priority than physical books.

Types of Books
I mainly read and review young adult books. However, I will read and review adult and middle grade books on a case-by-case basis. If a book is part of a series, I must read and review the books in publication order.

Types of Reviews
My reviews vary from book to book. I title them “booktalks” because they tend to include elements of both a review and a discussion. Sometimes I’m fangirly, sometimes I analyze plot and characters, and sometimes I critique the writing itself. I try to review every book I finish, and I will review books that I do not finish at my own discretion. Such reviews will clearly indicate that I did not finish the book and will explain why. As a rule, I do not review re-reads.

Giveaways, Author Interviews, and Blog Tours
Yes, yes, yes! I will gladly participate in or host all of the above. I ask that the sponsor of the giveaway pay for postage.

For any requests or inquiries, please email me at marapoin@gmail.com. I check my email every day and will respond promptly!