Q&A Wednesday (1)

This is a new post series/meme I am going to be doing. I don’t know that I’ll do it every Wednesday, but I’ll try to do it as often as possible. Basically, it’ll be a short and sweet question- that I thought of, was asked by someone in daily life, or discovered through another source- and an answer. Simple as that.  Since one of the goals of this blog is self-reflection, I thought the idea was perfect.

This question was recently asked over text by one of my friends.

Q: If you could only listen to five songs for the rest of your life, what would they be? (The original question was actually three songs, but I convinced him to make an exception because I couldn’t decide.)

A: Wake Me Up by Avicii, Rosyln by Bon Iver, Sur ma route by Black M, Story Of My Life by One Direction, and I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift.

I picked songs that are all-time favorites, that are the most played on my playlist, and that I have loved for a long time. Wake Me Up makes me feel alive; I want to live life to its fullest extent when I listen to its blues/techno mix. Rosyln is a haunting, sad song that takes me back to some of my darkest moments, my lowest points. It’s great to listen to when I’m feeling down, but it doesn’t force me to relive bad experiences. Sur ma route is a French song that inspires me and makes me feel alive and capable of deciding what to do with my life. It’s powerful, speaking volumes in a language I barely understand. Story Of My Life is probably my favorite One Direction song. I love the chorus and just the sound of it warms up my insides and makes me feel nostalgic for reasons I don’t quite understand. I Knew You Were Trouble is the top played song in my iTunes library. It’s strong and angry and self-reflective in a way. It takes me back to the time I listened to it on repeat for weeks, months, as do the other songs I picked. Music can do that- time travel.