Torn Over a Rocco

I believe in love at first sight. Many a bag has caught my eye from up close or a distance, and I am gone, fallen in love with one look. With bags and me, there seems to be an instant click. That being said, I never “clicked” with the Alexander Wang Rocco bag. When it started getting hype a few years back, I just didn’t understand it. The bag looked slouchy, the leather dull and faded, and the studs too edgy for me to ever imagine carrying. 

Well, all that changed on Saturday while I was watching the lovely Zoella on YouTube. I watched her “What’s in My Bag?” video from January, and in it, she lifted up her black Rocco bag with rose gold hardware. And I was gone. I fell in love in less than ten seconds. So naturally, my new obsession led me to do bag research into the wee hours of the morning, and half of the following day. I found different color combinations, types of leather, reviews, and prices. I imagined all the outfits I would wear the bag with, what I would put in it, where I would take it. I had to actually shut my laptop on several occasions to prevent myself from ordering it then and there. 


This bag is slightly under $1k. For a designer bag, that’s on the lower end of the price range. But it did raise to mind some concerns. For one, the bag is made in China. Another is that the studs could get scratched when the bag is set down. I don’t know if I should get the rose gold hardware because I don’t even own any rose gold jewelry. There have also been some reviews that say the quality of the leather and stitching is hit or miss.

So do I take a leap of faith and order one, seeing for myself if these issues come to light? Or do I wait it out until a sale comes along or my obsession dies down? There are other bags I want, certainly. But none so affordable as this. And the laid-back nature of the Rocco draws me in, more fitting to my relaxed style now than a few years ago.

Thus, I find myself torn over what to do. To buy, or not to buy, that is the question. 

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