make believe

love to see you shine in the night like the diamond you are

White sheet wrapped around a naked torso as he pulls on sweatpants and gets up to make coffee. It’s three a.m. and cold outside, the crisp air biting at our chests and toes as I lean against the railing and take a drag of a cigarette. He mentions that it’s going to rain in the morning and I ask him what he fears most. We’re galaxies apart, standing across from each other on a moonlit balcony, but I see a soul in his sapphire eyes and decide to stay anyway.

Did you believe it? Did it feel real? Sometimes I marvel at the way I can spin worlds with my words.

fall so far

We’re back together and last night we said “I love you” and it’s all good again, but strange because this time I know it’ll end. I’ve had two fun weekends in a row, filled with activities that remind me how important it is to adventure, even in my own backyard. I bought my mom a birthday card and need to remember to mail my absentee ballot form – all anyone’s saying is how important these elections are. I might stop studying history, might sacrifice a summer of travel for an internship, though in what I don’t know. Life’s a little in limbo at the moment and fall is always so, so busy; I feel like I haven’t stopped to breathe (or write or read) since early August.

– fragments of thoughts at work during a very hectic, hurricane-filled week