happy list

90’s style
jean jackets
ripped denim
fall weather
the changing of leaves
our phis finally being initiated
going home
finding a parking spot in the middle of the day
giving & receiving travel recommendations
taking the trip
Bon Iver
a clean room
surprise mail
care packages
my mom
seeing my dog
being referred to as a “special treasure” by my best friend’s boyfriend
the Tigger song
Spotify’s Ultimate Indie playlist
not getting left on read
open communication
quality time
swimming on a sunny afternoon
royal blue
long blonde hair
my roots
iced coffee
the word y’all
giving a good presentation
new blog design
candy corn
waffles & whipped cream
staying hydrated
messy buns
staying in touch
embracing an ending
being able to remember without hurting
realizing what I’m looking for
because I know I’ll find it again.


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