rules & reminders

chase dreams, not people
catch flights, not feelings
never fall in love with someone’s potential
write for yourself instead of an audience
remember that you have love in your life, always
read poetry
have adventures
be honest, brave, kind
find what your heart and mind really need, and forget the rest
you are okay on your own; you are not alone
you’ll never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be
words are an art form, and art is a way of survival
stop fighting for those who aren’t worried about losing you
if a writer falls in love with you, you can never die
once you care, you’re fucked
feelings are a lot of work
when you feel it in your bones, move forward or move on
people go, but how they left always stays
our bodies are our business, no one else’s
everything you are looking for is already within you
you are made of stars
focus on the wrong things and the wrong things will become everything
move slowly, but move
treat people who are important to you like they’re important to you
within reason, put yourself first
help someone’s soul heal
you can’t control love
understanding yourself is power
loving yourself is freedom
forgiving yourself is peace
don’t justify or make excuses for assholes or idiots
if someone really wants to talk to you, they will
if they really want to be with you, they will
if the effort isn’t in it, step away
you deserve happiness
and to an extent, happiness is a choice
choose happy when you can
and when you can’t, you are still enough
choose your life wisely
so that in ten, twenty, fifty years, you can look back and say
“I didn’t settle.”



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