happy list | 7

A message from a dear friend:
“It’s okay to keep your feet on the ground for awhile. This is where friends, and the rain, and the harvest are. The sky will always be there when you’re ready to fly again.”
{One of the most poetic pieces of advice I’ve ever received. Thank you, Dillon.}

the happy list

steaming showers
clean sheets
freshly folded laundry
fuzzy socks
cozy nights in
friends who check up on you
oversized sweatshirts
online sales
wearing a guy’s clothes
nearly being caught up on work
uncontrollable laughing
someone telling me I pull off embarrassing myself with grace
scrolling through Tumblr to destress
new country tunes
Mumford & Sons’ Johannesburg EP
bitterness dissipating
feeling less afraid
the recent grad who didn’t think I was crazy when I brought up dropping out
the law school student who’s going to make a dope documentary some day
checking things off my to-do list
out of the blue texts from a longtime friend
Jim Dale’s voice
walking through campus at night
brunch that turns into lunch
learning how to say no again
chicken nuggets
late night ice cream runs
my two precious littles
hockey season
beating the Caps in overtime
my fantasy league
talking to people at work instead of talking to people on the phone
good conversation
the giddy excitement girls have for each other when it comes to a boy
a light backpack
staying in touch with travel friends
remembering that there’s time
but not counting on it.




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