10 Ways to Read More

Helloooo. In the world we live in, everyone is BUSY. Busy studying, busy doing homework, busy working, busy, busy, busy. Sometimes it can be hard to find and make time to read, but I believe that reading is a wonderful balance to all that business! So I’ve composed a list of ten tricks that might help all the busy people out there with balancing their lives with reading. Let me know if you have any tips that I didn’t think of!

  1. Listen to audiobooks.
    Audiobooks are great. Nowadays, they are such a portable book format and you can listen to them at times when you couldn’t actually read a book: while driving, showering, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, making coffee… The list goes on. Audiobooks are an especially good option if you’re like me and can’t read during car rides because of motion sickness!
  2. Always have a book with you (physical copy, ebook on your phone, audiobook, etc.).
    You never know when the opportunity to read will arise. You’d be surprised how many spare minutes here and there you can take advantage of, and how much they add up.
  3. Read whenever you can.
    In between classes, during a lull in instruction, during lunch, while walking (jk)… You get the idea.
  4. Read wherever you can.
    On the subway, at the bus stop, in the car, on a plane, under your desk… I think you catch my drift.
  5. Read before bed.
    Even if you’re tired, read a few pages! It’ll help your mind relax and improve your sleep.
  6. Re-read.
    Re-reading books you’ve previously read consumes less of your time and energy. Plus, reading a book you know you love may help you get back into the swing of reading regularly.
  7. Buy books.
    I’ve found that I’m less likely to brush aside a book if I paid for it because I’ve already invested in it and I hate waste. I’m not saying you should buy all your books though, mind you.
  8. Read adaptations.
    If you love films or TV, try reading the print version. Or better yet, read the book first and then treat yourself to the screen adaptation!
  9. Prioritize.
    Instead of insisting that you don’t have time for reading, make time for reading. If you really want to read more, prioritize it. Carve out time every day, or as often as you’d like, for reading. You can try scheduling regular reading time, or just make room for it as you go.
  10. Make it fun.
    This goes for everyone, whether you’re trying to get out of a reading slump or trying to get into reading. Have fun with it. Read books you’re interested in. Don’t pressure yourself. Find a cozy reading niche and curl up with a cup of tea. Treat reading like it’s a luxury, because for many people it is.

What are your tips for reading more?

Thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Read More

  1. i’ve been needing some help / inspiration to read more lately so this post is very apt! will be employing these tips as i have to finish two books this week for school (in addition to some leisure reading of my own maybe?) so thank you ❤

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