The Happy List: Thanksgiving Edition

Thankful thoughts for Thanksgiving week.

  1. The Lightning getting its groove back. Three wins in a row!
  2. Blasting techno and rap music at full volume while driving down Bayshore with the windows down and car-dancing with my little brother the whole time.
  3. Mockingjay Pt. 2 being a wholly amazing conclusion to one of my favorite book and film franchises.
  4. Seeing Anton Stralman at the Mockingjay showing. Multiple times. In one night.
  5. The song Brokenhearted by Kalin and Myles.
  6. Lou Teasdale’s Snapchat story of Harry Styles befriending an elderly man after the AMAs. He even gave the man his fancy glitter shoes.
  7. My new Peeta Funko Pop. So he can stay with Katniss, always.
  8. My friends, whom I have not made enough time for lately and who will probably remain neglected until college apps are done.
  9. My family. This one is a given, but I should express it more often.
  10. THANKSGIVING. And BLACK FRIDAY (even though I am working the midday shift at the store).

What are you thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thanks for reading.



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