The Week – 10.12.15

The Week is a meme I started doing on Gemrene in September as a way for me to collect my thoughts and summarize the notes I have written each week in my planner. Enjoy!

Monday – The Lightning beat the Boston Bruins at the TD Garden 6-3. It was a fun game to watch, though I missed the first period due to school and most of the third due to physical training.

Tuesday – My friend turned eighteen and we celebrated late at night with fancy dessert and a gas station run – she wanted to buy lottery tickets and a lighter. We took some cool pictures with a polaroid.

Wednesday – I didn’t go to school because of the PSAT, so I stayed home and did homework, worked on a college application, and took a breather with a little reality TV. I experienced so much anxiety that I started having chest pain, which has persisted throughout the week, and ended up swimming straight laps through swim practice in an effort to calm down. We ordered Thai food for dinner, which was delicious, and then I wrote a college essay. My mom and I stayed up until 3am, as I finalized my REA app and she worked.

Thursday – I got two and a half hours of sleep. At school, I met my freshmen peers for breakfast during homeroom. I had three quizzes in three consecutive periods, then a huge Spanish test followed by a timed essay in English. I returned home, exhausted, and read over my college app again. My DKNY cape arrived in the mail and then I had to head out for my swim meet. I was a few minutes late for team pictures. Because it was senior night, I had the most fun at a high school dual meet in my career. My freshman buddy brought me donuts, the seniors took a bunch of pictures (and didn’t warm up), and my friend surprised me by showing up. My dad came but he had to leave pretty early, and my mom timed. The senior ceremony was more touching than I’d expected and I swam well in my races. Afterwards, my mom and I tried to get dinner, but everywhere we called had just closed. So we went home and I looked over my REA application AGAIN and I finally submitted it.

Friday – One Direction’s new single, Perfect, released and I’ve been listening to it nonstop ever since. It was senior skip day, but I went to my first, third, and fourth periods because I didn’t want to miss the lessons. Then I signed out and plopped down on the couch to spend a few hours eating donuts, watching reality TV, and napping. I went to work, where a woman asked me if I’m my trainer’s daughter. I told her he wishes I were. In the evening, I didn’t know what to do with myself – I wanted a break from college/school-related work, but knew I had a bunch of deadlines coming up. I ended up reading and eating the veggie pizza my dad ordered.

Saturday – Work got canceled, so I slept in. I spent most of the day doing homework, whether I was at home, at the car dealership getting my car serviced, or babysitting. I babysat for a hockey family and brought my little brother along. We ordered pizza and watched the Lightning game, which we were really quite fortunate to win. I read a little bit before bed.

Sunday – I drafted a blog post for Tuesday and wrote this one. I’ve got a bit of accounting to do with my mom, but I hope to spend most of the day finishing a book. Afteward, I’ll probably whip out some homework or college/scholarship applications to work on. Fun times.

How was your week?



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