The Week – 9.21.15

The Week is a new meme for Gemrene. I doubt I’ll write up a recap every week, but when I do, it’s a nice way for me to collect my thoughts and summarize the notes I have written each day in my planner. Enjoy!

Last Weekend – I traveled to Chicago alone (though I met my mom at the hotel) to tour colleges. We attended the Notre Dame game, where the Chicago Blackhawks made a surprise appearance – and sat just a few rows away from us.

Monday – An incredibly overwhelming day in every capacity, but I had a good conversation with my trainer about colleges.

Tuesday – I felt nauseous in the morning, so I signed out of school at the end of first period. This turned out to be a good decision, because I got a ton of work done during school hours. I also finished Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas. #truelove. So. Many. Feelings. To add to my emotional intensity, One Direction announced the preorder for their new album, Made in the A.M., which releases November 14. AND, they dropped a beautiful song called Infinity. After all of that drama, I attended the first Lightning pre-season game and watched my brother do the Thunder Skate for the gazillionth time. We lost, but it was fun to get back into the hockey swing.

Wednesday – The first day of autumn came and went without my realizing it, despite having decorated the day with orange highlighter in my planner. I drove to Barnes & Noble after swim practice, hoping to pick up a book and work on college essays. Unfortunately, both plans were foiled by an insufficient stock of YA books and a low laptop battery. I succumbed and order the book from Amazon and came home to make some progress in the very early stages of my essay.

Thursday – My swim team competed against our biggest rival in the most anticipated dual meet of the season. I didn’t swim my normal events and didn’t do as well as I’d have liked to, but I did anchor the last relay and seal our victory (we won by a wide margin though, so that’s not saying much). I returned home, ate bagel bites for dinner, and then by complete chance stumbled across a few vegan and animal cruelty videos on YouTube. Within an hour or two, I had decided to make the switch.

Friday – Another hectic day with Gold & Black tapping, two tests, and a quiz. I had work right after school and then I babysat until around 1 am. My book was promised to arrive by 8 pm, but didn’t. Friday also marked my first day as a vegan. I resisted the gourmet pizza and breadsticks at my babysitting job and cooked myself some pasta instead. WOO HOO.

Saturday – I saw Anton Stralman, a Lightning defenseman, eating lunch with his four adorable kids at a local deli restaurant when I picked up lunch for my coworkers. I smiled at them before I even registered who they were and then quickly turned away so as not to bother them or embarrass myself. My book arrived in the morning and I took a trip to the mall to buy my mom some fall candles and myself an autumn lotion from Bath & Body Works. Then, my mom and I met with a few women at Panera to interview for a scholarship. Admittedly, it was fun because I got to talk about myself and my experiences and motives for an hour or so. But I left the meeting feeling like I look like a better person on paper than I am in real life. Later, my family (minus one brother) went to another family’s house to eat dinner and hang with them and yet another family. We’re all big hockey families and it was fun because I got to chat with the adults and observe the rambunctious kids with a small smile. Another big vegan test – resisting pizza, breadsticks, and multiple desserts. I’m proud to say that I passed and stuck to the crackers, guacamole, salsa, and grapes.

Sunday – I went shopping for vegan foods for the first time today. I stopped by Trader Joe’s and Fresh Market and picked up an assortment of goods to experiment with this week. I also bought tickets for me and one of my best friends to see Halsey and The Weeknd in December. I plan to spend the rest of the day preparing blog posts, writing college/scholarship essays, and hopefully sneaking in a little reading.

How was your week?



3 thoughts on “The Week – 9.21.15

  1. hey martha! weekly recaps have always been some of my favorite posts to read just because i love hearing what other people have been up to!

    i’ve been starting to look at universities too though i haven’t made visits to any yet. notre dame is a university i’m really interested in although any school outside of canada is not very likely. so cool you got to see the blackhawks! and stralman! i feel you about getting back into the hockey swing. it’s nice to be able to watch games + do my homework at the same time again.

    also major props to you for going vegan! i don’t know if i could make the transition just like that – i think i might need some time getting used to being a vegetarian first – so i am in admiration of your determination and dedication.

    queen of shadows!!!! can’t wait to hear what you think. i still haven’t gotten to it yet. i meant to read it before school started but didn’t and now i’ve just been so busy that reading is at the bottom of my priority list. i don’t really know when i’m ever going to get to it – maybe december during winter break?? – but it sure is tempting to just put down everything and read qos for five days.

    wishing you a good week martha! and good luck with your apps + veganism! 🙂


    • Hey, Annie! The college stress is overwhelming when it’s combined with school, scholarships, extracurriculars, etc. I hope you find a great school… Of course, I am biased toward Notre Dame if you can leave Canada! 🙂

      I actually was vegetarian for three and a half years before becoming vegan last week! So I understand the need to adjust. For me, vegetarianism wasn’t challenging because I never loved meat, but I’m definitely a more conscious and passionate vegan (so far) than I was a vegetarian.

      Queen of Shadows was unreal. I don’t even know how to write a post about it because so much happened and I just have too much love for this series for mere words to describe.

      Can’t wait for hockey so that I have a distraction from working out and homework, haha. Have a great week!


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