thoughts | 2

1. Fall is coming. Maybe not weather-wise, at least not here in Florida – it won’t get below 80 until December (we are currently stuck in the 90s.. sigh). But in scents – candles, lotions, food – and music and books and hopefully memories, fall is on its way and I am so excited.

2. Wildest Dreams blew my mind. Taylor Swift is so talented and her team is utterly fantastic. I love love love the story her new video tells in conjunction with the song. Even better, all her proceeds will go to an organization dedicated to protecting African wildlife. And don’t get me started on Scott Eastwood, oh lord. I knew this music video would be a hit with my mom simply because he’s in it.

3. 5SOS’s Jet Black Heart released today and it’s honestly a gem. An onyx gem, but a gem nonetheless. I am obsessed with its dark intensity and that is all I have to say. GO LISTEN.

4. I’ve been inspired by the wonderfulness that is Grace to maybe start keeping a journal again. I’ve done it on and off again in my seventeen years – mostly off – and I worry that I won’t be consistent with it. But my head is a tangle of emotions at the moment and it’s senior year and why not?

5. I re-memorized J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Riddle of Strider, which is one of my favorite poems. I worshiped Aragorn as I grew up watching the films and I’ve decided that once I finish my college apps – or at least my most pressing ones – I will treat myself to a read of The Lord of the Rings (among other books… my “to read after college apps” list is growing steadily but not so slowly).

6. It’s my little sister’s ninth birthday and she is finally older than I was when she was born. She’s going to get her ears pierced soon and I have a list on my phone of advice I’ve collected for her over the past few years. I’ll give it to her when she’s going into middle and high school but I doubt she’ll need it as much as I did do. In many ways, she’s stronger than I am.

7. I feel eternally busy and for some reason it doesn’t feel like a bad thing right now.

8. Mantra: I have a lot to look forward to.

9. /There’s a hole/ In my heart/ And it echoes/ In your presence./
/Did you know?/

10. Friends can break your heart too.


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