End of an Era

FullSizeRenderTwo of my favorite people in the world finished high school today. Albeit, graduation isn’t for another week and a half, but today marked the end of an era. Never again will I meet my best friend after homeroom for an approximately seven minute chat. Never again will my other best friend meet us around three and a half minutes later to join in. Never will the latter and I walk together in the hallways after a shared class or close-together classrooms. Never will I see either of them at lunch or in the parking lot. It’s not that I’ll never see them again, not at all. It’s just that I met both of my best friends in high school. At school. We got to know each other and bonded over those walks between classes, exchanged sentences at lunch, and knowing glances in the hallways. Without our school, we wouldn’t have met or become the friends we are today. And so even though I know our friendships will continue on, it’s sad that they won’t live on within our high school, within our shared space. AM and PM will remain, but in a different way. There will be fewer small moments, fewer in-betweens when a story can be shared or an inside joke can be told or an understanding can be reached. Instead of having designated time given to us, we’ll have to make it.

For years, they have been my rocks.

The hallways will feel empty without them.


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