On My Wishlist | 1


Today I’m here to share with you the first post of a new meme I’ll be hosting on Gemrene. I haven’t seen this particular one done by others so if it is already floating around in existence, you have my sincerest apologies. Anyway, On My Wishlist is going to be a post series in which I tell you what books I would like to buy. Today’s list is long since it’s the first one, and I left quite a few titles out due to lack of room. I’ve divided the list into two categories: previously read and never read. Since I read most of my books from the library first, I’ve accumulated quite a collection of novels I loved and want to own. Then I have another list of novels I want to buy before reading, either because I know I’ll love them or don’t want to deal with the hassle of borrowing them. So without further ado, here is my first bookish wish list!


What’s on your bookish wish list? Do we want any of the same books? Let me know!

Merci for reading.
xx. Martha


4 thoughts on “On My Wishlist | 1

  1. Ooh, quite a few of the books on your list are on mine, as well. Alas, budgets are a thing, so I am unable to buy ALL THE BOOKS (unfortunately so!). One day, though. A girl can dream. 😉


    • Yes, I’ve been trying to save money for summer trips and college so I haven’t had much money at all to spend on books! I’m hoping to acquire some of these gradually. A girl CAN dream!

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  2. This is actually a meme I would love to participate in! Is it open for other bloggers to join and link back to you?

    I seen A Darker Shade Of Magic and literally squealed! I loved that book so damn much it’s unreal lol. I’m sure when you finally get around to reading it, that you’ll enjoy it as well . . . Hopefully lol. I literally just purchased Game Of Thrones after so many of my blogger friends have been raving about it. Everyone keeps saying that it’s something I would love, so I decided to binge watch the TV series, and OMG I AM HOOKED! I’m on season 2 episode 7, and girllll I had to stop watching it because it was distracting me from getting any blogging and reading done! I am dying to read An Ember In The Ashes! I get such a GOT feel from the synopsis and some of the reviews I read, so I know I’m going to enjoy that title as well. Whew, I can sit here and talk about all the books on your wishlist but that would make such a long comment lol.

    Also, do you have a bloglovin account? I wanted to follow you, but because I’m on blogger I can’t. If you do decide to join, make sure you let me know so I can follow 🙂


    • Tika, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I would love for you to participate in this meme, and it would be great if you’d link back to me. 🙂 I really need to get to some of the fantasy books on this list… I’ve been craving them for awhile! I currently do not have a bloglovin’ account (I’ll definitely let you know if I decide to join), but you can subscribe to my blog by email on the right hand side of the page! I’ll be checking yours out as well. 🙂


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