my heart is an iron safe, rusted and sealed shut to keep the demons out, to keep you out.
they say if you love something, let it go;
is that why every move you make pushes me fifteen, sixteen, seventeen steps away from you?
i don’t think so. i think that you don’t care yet, you don’t realize:

i’m getting out of here. and once i’m gone, i’m never coming back.

so you can sit there and cackle and think “i’ve got her”
and keep pretending that you don’t need me.

because when i get to eighteen steps, i’ll disappear from your senses.
you won’t see me, you won’t hear from me, you won’t touch me.

so enjoy the power while you still have it. revel in it, roll in it.
because when i’m gone, we’ll see who really needs who.


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