Stream of Consciousness

Today in my English class, my teacher had us do an eight minute writing exercise where we wrote in stream-of-consciousness style (in literature, this method of narration describes, in words, the flow of thoughts in the minds of characters). I had never done such an exercise before and I really enjoyed it; I found it therapeutic and fascinating. So I thought I’d share what I wrote here, exactly as I wrote it originally.

What is the deal with men and apologies? Why is it so hard for them to come out and say it – out loud and proud – when they’ve done something wrong, or even when they think they’ve done something wrong? I’m admiring the colors around me, the green of the grass in the brilliant sunlight, the neon yellow of my sneakers, covered in months and months worth of dirt stains. I want to take about 12 different classes next year I need a time-turner like Hermione but where would I get one I can’t decide I wish I could write poetry or make music or create some form of art that could change people inspire people but being a walking almanac isn’t much good for that maybe we are all walking living history books but maybe not if history isn’t your thing maybe we’re all science experiments it all depends on perspective I’m running out of room on this paper and I’m worried time will be called before I can get out a new sheet maybe I won’t need it anyway I just heard the squeak of a door and I’m not sure I spelled squeak right is it two e’s or an ea I think ea which means I was correct (hopefully). Oh no, running out of room I’ll write smaller stop giggling and whispering, please added as an afterthought what’s so funny I’m on a new paper the architecture of the front of the school is interesting I’ve never really paid attention before b/c I usually don’t come in or out this way but what is it w/ men and apologies?

IMG_7271 IMG_7272


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