Labor Day Weekend

A few weeks ago, the U.S. and Canada celebrated Labor Day on the first Monday (and this year, the first day) of September. For Labor Day weekend, I traveled to Miami, Florida for the first time with my friend Korina and her parents. Miami is like a different world- almost everyone speaks Spanish, there’s cool graffiti all over the walls of shops, and the climate is hotter and more humid than the rest of Florida. Because it’s a big city, there are tons of cool restaurants (one of my favorites was one that served sushi with a Peruvian twist), shops, and art galleries. We stayed at the Sagamore Hotel, which was cool because every stairwell had wall art painted all the way up. Korina and I spent most of our time in South Beach, which is a neighborhood in Miami Beach. We rented bikes and biked up and down the beach paths,  bought coconuts to drink, got henna tattoos from a street vendor, and we shopped. A lot. We also visited a cool indie bookstore, enjoyed the waves at the beach, and ate at some unique restaurants. It was such a fun trip and I loved experiencing a new city and different culture and lifestyle than that of my own city. It would be too long to detail everything we did in words, so without further ado, here are some pictures from my Labor Day weekend Miami adventure.

photo 4
First time on the beach
photo 2
Trying to model with the wall
photo 1
Another rad wall
photo 3
Coco loco
photo 1
One of many selfies…
And another
photo 2
Breakfast at my new favorite cafe, Aroma
photo 4
Arte del elefante
photo 3
Wynwood sidewalk quote
photo 1
Awesome graffiti in Wynwood Art District
photo 1
Seven years?
photo 1
Back at Aroma for an afternoon chai (16 oz mugs..)
photo 2
Martha Pointer Photography ©
photo 3
Kardashian love
photo 1
As artsy as I get
photo 5
People were staring at us
photo 1
My favorite picture of Korina
Black & white & henna tattoos
Final farewell to the Sagamore

For more quirky photos of my Miami trip, check out my VSCO page,


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