Four + Fireproof

On Monday morning, I was sitting in homeroom when my best friend sent me a text: “Their new album is called Four.” That was all I needed. I immediately pulled up One Direction’s Twitter page, saw the official tweet and Liam’s announcement tweet, and was overcome with excitement. A new album in November? Yes please. Fourth album titled Four? Cool. Free download of a new single? SO FREAKING AWESOME. As soon as I got home from school, I downloaded Fireproof and it was love at first listen.

Fireproof is subtler than many of One Direction’s songs. It’s art. Its beat makes me want to sway and move my hands to the rhythm. The lyrics are pretty and the vocals are on point. I LOVE this song. Unfortunately, the free download was only available for 24 hours, but it will probably release for the standard $1.29 soon. Four is set to release on November 17th and there’s already talk about a tour. According to Mirror, One Direction will team up with the magician Dynamo (who participated in 1D Day in Los Angeles last November) for the Four tour.

The album covers have been released, and both Four and Four (Deluxe Edition) are available for preorder. The standard album will have twelve songs, while the deluxe version will include four bonus tracks.

packshot-four-ukstandard packshot-four-ukdeluxe

One Direction has released three albums in the past three years- Up All Night in 2011, Take Me Home in 2012, and Midnight Memories in 2013. Their fourth album Four will continue this pattern, as every album has been released in November. Based on the sound of Fireproof, I’m excited to see the new, more mature direction the band is taking. I think One Direction’s fourth album will appeal to a wider audience and be a little more artsy. But whatever it sounds like, I’m sure I’ll love it.

I can hardly wait until November 17th.

Preorder “Four”
Standard Edition: Amazon | iTunes
Deluxe Edition: Amazon | iTunes


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